Young Copycats Worry Entertainment Industry

This survey provides statistics on how age groups recognize the value of entertainment-based intellectual property: Young Copycats Worry Entertainment Industry But in the era of mashups, where does the value of entertainment-based intellectual property really lie? For the longest time, the true economic value has not really been fully vested or returned to the creator. […]

Kodak, NCM developing digital theater software

A digital entertatinment based operating sytem, designed to control an entire theater complex, was annouced yesterday by Kodak Digital Cinema and National CineMedia LLC, a partnership of the three top U.S. movie theater chains. Designed to control the cinema visitor’s experience while in the theater, the question occurs to me: will there be open APIs […]

One more Cinema Relic saved from the wrecking ball…

… but to what purpose? Exhibition is one of the keystones of any Entertainment Ecosystem. By “Exhibition” I mean the place of actual consumption of the entertainment itself. Usually we think of places like cinemas as exhibition halls, but in the context of DigimediaFinance, we have a more general view: Exhibition takes place at the […]

Welcome to Digimedia Finance

For the past 100 years or so there has been a rough equilibrium in business models as the content creation style attributed to Hollywood and the distribution styles related to broadcasting (film, tv, radio, music) have been fairly stable. New technologies have arrived during that time period, to be sure, but essentially have been extensions […]