UCG and distribution pipes: trouble ahead?

I attended a panel discussion this past week where half of the panel consisted of senior execs of giant tech companies (AOL, Microsoft) who discussed their plans for creating content that is to be monetized via advertising. OK, here is the verdict in a nutshell: Expect ever changing forms of advertising to be plastered over […]

XM and Sirus to merge: Analysis

The only two US satellite radio providers, each with essentially half of the market and each facing slowing subscriber growth and increasing programming costs announced plans to merge today. With stagnant growth and declining stock prices, the idea to merge is a no brainer. Anti-trust hurdles are going to remain of course – 50 % […]

Copy this meme (and be secure in your afterlife)

I recently had the pleasure of reading Dr. Susan Blackmore’s book The Meme Machine. I was prompted to dust off this book form my shelf by an October chance viewing of the Richard Dawkins presentation and subsequent audience debate at Randoph-Macon College as shown on CSPAN. Dawkins was one of the early Internet Highway era […]