Could International Tragedy Lead to New Style of Filmmaking and Finance?

Mike Cassidy of the San Jose Mercury News has written two articles recently about a local tragedy and the effects of the lives of the people involved and inadvertently touched on some important DigimediaFinance principles. In a nutshell, a local man was murdered by his girlfriend in Pennsylvania. She was arrested and then released on […]

Book Review: River of Shadows (“Horses in the Air! Whose Baby is This?”)

After sitting on my shelf for a good long time, I finally took the time to dive into Rebecca Solnit’s River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West, and it was a dive well worth taking. The outline of Muybridge’s story has been familiar to me for a while, primarily via the Phillip […]

News and Analysis: Barry at the Video On the Net Conference

Earlier this week I spent a day at the VON Conference in San Jose. My original purpose in attending was to review the exhibits, to try to learn about the issues surrounding the actual network level of delivery of Digital Entertainment. That turned out to be mostly a bust for me. 90% of the exhibitors […]

JapanAmerica: Barry Meets Roland Kelts in SF

Last night I attended an intimate author reading by Roland Kelts. Roland read from his new book JapanAmerica. It was his second Bay Area stop on his nationwide tour. Earlier this week, he had a much larger attended reading at UC Berkeley, but this event at the Foto-Graphix bookstore, located in the Cartoon Art Museum […]