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Facebook's director of business integrity explains the platform's political ads policy

Rob Leathern, the social network's outspoken executive, has become one of its most vocal defenders—on Twitter.

Fat Tire craft beer to be acquired by a Japanese company

Kirin announces deal to acquire Colorado-based New Belgium through its global craft beer division.

The little search engine that could ... save the planet?

For every 45 online searches, Ecosia plants a tree. It's a powerful approach that is starting to take root around the world.

Marc Benioff heckled during Dreamforce keynote speech for contract with U.S. Border Protection

Salesforce says its technology is used for recruitment, managing border activities and digital engagement with citizens

Macy's reveals website hack just as holiday shopping begins

Just as holiday shopping season is getting started, Macy's revealed some of its customers were affected by a website hack; the news adds to the sales woes affecting the department store sector.

The backlash to the ‘Cats’ backlash is here. Watch the bonkers new trailer

A star-studded, nasty-ass cat fight suddenly feels about right for 2019.

Trump Fatigue levels the late-night playing field

Deadlocked commercial ratings for Fallon and Colbert take the air out of the political-comedy balloon.

What innovation means to agencies now

The word “innovation” has been in the English language since the 16th century: Humans are hard-wired to hone and create. So what does that mean for agencies in 2020? The rate at which we innovate—and expect innovation as consumers—has sped up in recent years, whether it's big brands like P&G embracing "lean innovation" or packaged goods giants like Mars Wrigley creating a veritable Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. We checked in with some of the Amp community’s leaders to see how they’re staying ahead of the game by optimizing their work, their processes and their output to better serve their clients.

Watch the newest commercials on TV from Verizon, Wells Fargo, Ford and more

Wells Fargo wants you to know that it’s now collecting donations of food at all its branches in partnership with Feeding America.

The secret behind a successful brand: education and discipline

Building a brand isn't easy; it takes time, consistency and discipline.