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Advertising Age - Small Agency Diary
Advertising Age - Small Agency Diary

Gut Checks and Guardrails: 6 Ways to Stay Small When Your Agency Gets Big

Staying small minded. Credit: iStock

I've always hated that expression, "Good problem to have." When heard by those less fortunate, it's hard to imagine a more pretentious statement. Get over yourself. But admittedly, the phrase has found its way to my lips more than once recently only to be choked back and replaced with something like, "Yeah man, things are good." Oh, the humanity.

No matter how many sneers it evokes, agency growth can still be a legitimate problem, and as the stakes rise, one that needs to be handled with the utmost care. As independent shops succeed and grow bigger, they are often in danger of losing touch with the intimate, unique culture that defines them. There's no script for handling these types of things as every business is different, but there must be gut checks and guard rails, no matter what the cost, to keep the good times rolling.

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