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Watch the Newest Ads on TV From M&M's, Taco Bell, Jeep and More

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention and conversion analytics from 10 million smart TVs. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are ranked by digital activity (including online views and social shares) over the past week.

Among the new releases, Taco Bell says it might be giving away Doritos Locos Tacos -- provided a certain NBA-related thing happens (watch the ad to find out what). Jeep serves up a summery music-video-style spot with a beach performance by Marc Scibilia (singing "On the Way"). And in an ad from candymaker Mars that celebrates its sponsorship of Red Nose Day, the red M&M proves that he's kind of an idiot.

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Are You More Tempted to Buy This Issue of People Because It's Half-Price?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, May 26:

1. "Remember when Ronald Reagan body slammed a reporter to the cheers of the conservative grassroots? Neither do I," Michelle Fields writes in "Journalism in the Age of the Body Slam," a New York Times guest opinion piece. "Yet in the aftermath of the assault on Ben Jacobs, a reporter for The Guardian, by Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for a special House election in Montana, too many conservatives are either doubting the event occurred, despite audio evidence and witness testimony by a Fox News crew, or praising Mr. Gianforte for giving the press what it deserves."

Michelle Fields is a former reporter at Breitbart News, who, as she notes, "was grabbed and bruised by one of Donald Trump's campaign managers, Corey Lewandowski, during the Republican primary."

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Watch Cartoon Pope Francis Roast President Trump

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thursday, May 25:

The first rule of Political Fight Club: don't body-slam a reporter while other reporters are watching (See No. 3, below). The first rule of Cable News Blowhard Club: When the going gets tough, the "tough" go on vacation (No. 4). The first rule of Donald Trump Club: I'm first -- this is my photo op (No. 2). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Because of course: "AG Sessions did not disclose Russia meetings in security clearance form, DOJ says" -- a "First on CNN" report from Manu Raju and Evan Perez. Flashback to March: "Al Franken: I think Jeff Sessions committed perjury."

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Wait, What? The FCC Let Colbert Off the Hook and the Parents Television Council Is OK With It?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Wednesday, May 24:

Yes, Virginia, there are still magazine launches (see No. 5, below). Does the Trump administration understand basic math? No (No. 1). Yes, iris authentication sounds cool. Is it foolproof? No (No. 2). Yes, President Trump is still doing that weirdly aggressive shake-and-pull handshake -- but finally someone was prepared for it (No. 7). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Something something 101. The top story on New York Magazine's website this morning is titled "Trump Budget Director: We Didn't Make a Childish Math Error! (They Did.)" Jonathan Chait's post begins,

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'She's Such an Idiot': Does Your Boss Know You Said That About Her on Slack?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, May 23:

1. Via The Guardian: "'Terror at the Arena': how the papers reacted to Manchester attack," which rounds up front pages from late-edition U.K. newspapers. Here's the Manchester Evening News' cover:

The same image appears stateside on the front page of the New York Daily News:

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Saying 'Let's Beat Up Fat Kids' Is OK on Facebook, According to Leaked Moderator Guidelines

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Monday, May 22:

Crunched for time? Here's your executive summary in one sentence: Drake won some more awards (see No. 5, below), President Trump touched an orb (No. 1), Jared Kushner is touching a few nerves (No. 4) and "President Trump" & Friends sang "Hallelujah" on "SNL" (No. 7). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. So this happened:

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Should Johnny Depp Take Over for Alec Baldwin as Trump on 'SNL'?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, May 19:

I came thisclose to being able to make this a Trump-free edition of your daily media scan, but then, well, see Nos. 5 and 6, below. (Sorry!) Anyway, let's get started ...

1. More evidence that Jeff Bezos & Co. know everything about us: "Amazon has introduced a weekly best seller list that ranks books by what readers are actually reading -- not just what they've bought," USA Today's Elizabeth Weise reports. "The new list, called Amazon Charts, also has a most-sold component that incorporates sales of its Kindle e-books and audio, as well as print books."

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Who Wore It Best? Mad Magazine or Time?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thursday, May 18:

Strapped for time? Here's your executive summary in one sentence: Roger Ailes is dead, Alex Jones is sorry, Donald Trump is not sorry and Mad Magazine is mad -- or at least annoyed. Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Fox News founder and former CEO Roger Ailes has died at age 77. Here's why it's weird to say "RIP."

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The Ailes Factor: Sizing Up the Legacy of the Fox News 'Warrior' and King-Maker

But look closely and most often the "RIP" sentiments are ironic:

Either way, regardless of how you feel about him, "peace" is exactly the wrong word to use in regard to Roger Ailes.

He was anti-peace. Media to him wasn't some polite, reasonable forum for considered discussion of the events shaping our democracy -- it was a goddamn battlefield where blood would be, should be, shed.

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Colbert: 'I Completely Agree With Donald Trump'

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Wednesday, May 17:

In our current media-about-media-about-media moment, the big dogs of inky journalism are looming larger than ever. Can you imagine the first 118 days of the Trump administration -- let alone the last week or the last few days -- without The New York Times and The Washington Post? Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Yes, please, make all of this go away.

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Watch Seth Meyers Valiantly Try to Explain Every Trumpy Thing Going on Right Now

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, May 16:

So, uh, the president of the United States has reportedly done another rather astonishing thing, and by now we all know the lather-rinse-repeat media drill: the flat-out denial and/or non-denial denial from Trump surrogates followed by a prompt reversal from the president himself. What instructions should we put on this particular political CPG? Maybe just this: Shock, deny, confirm. Anyway, let's get started ...

1. The story dominating the front page of The Daily Beast this morning is a team-written post (Lachlan Markay, Tim Mak, Asawin Suebsaeng and Jana Winter) headlined "White House Staff 'Hiding' as Russia Chaos Engulfs West Wing."

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I Worship TV, But I Don't Need It Everywhere

An admission: I haven't been a cable TV subscriber since 2008.

Another admission: I'm just an average guy who just wants to watch his shows (i.e., if you think I'm some sort of canary-in-the-coal-mine harbinger of doom for traditional, ad-supported linear TV, you're way overthinking it).

The truth is, I didn't really consciously decide to get rid of cable. It's just that nine years ago I moved (solo, from one New York City apartment to another) and, though I immediately signed up for broadband internet access, I somehow avoided settling on a cable package. And then I quickly realized I could more than make do with various streaming options on my laptop and on a repurposed big-screen iMac. (In 2008, Hulu was celebrating its one-year birthday and Netflix was a year into layering streaming on top of its old mail-order-DVD business model.) Well, that and the occasional mooching off of friends' and loved ones' TV+cable.

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'Go FCC Yourself' 2: Watch John Oliver Update His Net Neutrality Rant

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Monday, May 15:

The leader of the free world is expected to, you know, lead ... but according to a new Politico report (see No. 2, below), members of President Trump's staff have found that they can lead him in one direction or another simply by making him read news, or "news," they think will help make their case. Meanwhile, other staffers are making it their business to lead the leader away from where he's been led, which probably has something to do with him being "frustrated" and "angry at everyone" (see No. 1, below) and contemplating the ouster of some of those leading him astray. Got all that? Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Day Trump vs. Night Trump: Per a Sunday Mike Allen scoop at Axios, "At the urging of longtime friends and outside advisers, most of whom he consults after dark, President Trump is considering a 'huge reboot' that could take out everyone from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon, to counsel Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer, White House sources tell me. ... 'He's frustrated, and angry at everyone,' said one of the confidants."

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Comey Gets Dragged Off Overbooked Flight on Latest New Yorker Cover

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, May 12:

Dear reader, are you OK? Did this week almost break you? (Because it almost broke me.) Anyway, let's get started ...

1. "President Shifts Rationale for Firing F.B.I. Director, Calling Him a 'Showboat.'" That's the big headline atop the front page of The New York Times this morning, which quotes from Lester Holt's NBC News interview with Trump. The Times also adds to the unraveling White House narrative with its own report by Michael S. Schmidt, which the paper sent out as a "breaking news" alert (it arrived in my inbox at 8:37 p.m. ET last night) titled "President Trump pressed James Comey for loyalty at a private dinner in January. The F.B.I. director promised only 'honesty'" (the alert linked to a story headlined "In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred").

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Melissa 'Spicey' McCarthy Is So Very Pretty in This Amazing 'SNL' Promo

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thurday, May 11:

In today's refreshingly Trump-free media scan -- nah, sorry, just kidding! You can't get away from the man; not here, anyway. If you're intent on avoiding absolutely everything Trump-related, the best I can do is suggest that you watch the first 27 seconds of the video in the No. 7 spot below -- but make sure you don't watch anything from the 28-second mark on. Anyway, let's get started ...

1. A narrative is hardening around President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, and it has to do with Trump's temper.

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Stop the Internet! We Have a New Most-Retweeted Tweet of All Time

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, May 9:

What can you make of a media scan that swerves from a defensive president to Snapchat to a fake sex-change operation to chicken nuggets to sick children to a fired Citigroup trader? Um, maybe you should just jump ahead to the year 2049 (see No. 7, below). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Via The Guardian: "Trump mocked for adding one of his own tweets to Twitter banner"; subhead: "Social media quick to ridicule US president after he changed his header to feature tweet denying collusion with Russia." Speaking of Trump-Russia stuff, this explainer via Matthew Rosenberg of The New York Times is helpful: "6 Takeaways From Monday's Senate Hearing on Russia." Here's a sample:

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USA Today to the FBI: Help! Fakers Keep Following Us on Facebook!

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Monday, May 8:

Today's media scan is all about winning. Emma Watson won a historic award on MTV (see No. 2, below). Some guy named Emmanuel Macron also won something major (No. 1). USA Today has won a loyal following among fakers (No. 4). The Trump family apparently won big love from Russian investors (No. 6). And Kanye West is winning my heart by not tweeting and Instagramming (No. 5). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Paris-based newspaper Le Monde helpfully illustrates the scale of Emmanuel Macron's win in the French presidential election:

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Watch a Virginia Democrat Crush an Ambulance to Make a Point About Republicans and Affordable Healthcare

"Republican leaders are trying to do this to affordable healthcare," Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello says in his new ad as he gestures to an ambulance behind him getting crushed by an industrial car crusher. "In Congress I voted for Obamacare, because it was wrong that a million Virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. Now I'm running for governor because it's wrong that most Virginians' income hasn't gone up in 20 years. Together we can stop Donald Trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. And we'll make sure this" -- he turns and points at the now-destroyed ambulance -- "never happens in Virginia."

Released today on YouTube, the ad is, of course, perfectly timed (see "House Passes Measure to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act," via The New York Times). It's basically the hyperpopular Hydraulic Press Channel writ large -- with the added dramatic tension of wondering, as you're watching, if a piece of the ambulance getting destroyed will fly out of the crusher and hit Perriello, necessitating another ambulance.

Simon Dumenco, aka Media Guy, is an Ad Age editor-at-large. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco

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Delta Employee Offers Passenger Downgrade: 'Jail and Your Kids Will Be in Foster Care'

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thursday, May 4:

Most days, of course, these media scans are all over the place -- because the media I care about, and that I think you'll also care about, is wildly unpredictable. But today I'm sensing something of a theme: silly humans. Think of "silly" as exactly the right word in some cases and ... well, let's just say a merciful euphemism in other cases. Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Because of course:

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Zuckerberg Calls Crime and Abuse Videos on Facebook 'Heartbreaking,' Announces 3,000 New Moderator Hires

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Wednesday, May 3:

It's unintentional, but everything I've got for you below is either directly or indirectly about digital media -- its all-consuming nature (Nos. 4 and 5), the uses and misues of social media (Nos. 1, 2, 6) and the things we obsess about online (Nos. 3 and 7). Only have time to read one thing? Jump ahead and click on the link in No. 7. Anyway let's get started ...

1. In a post this morning on his personal page, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg writes,

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Jimmy Kimmel Talks About His Newborn Son's Open-Heart Surgery, Entire Internet Tears Up

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, May 2:

I'm going to skip the preamble today because you're probably here for that Kimmel story -- in which case, jump ahead to No. 6, below. (But do yourself a favor and also check out No. 7.) Anway, let's get started ...

1. The ill-fated Fyre Festival -- now subject of a $100-million class-action lawsuit -- has become the Edsel of music festivals. At Bloomberg News this morning, Polly Mosendz and Kim Bhasin serve up "The Inside Story of How Fyre Festival Went Up in Flames" (subhead: "Sexy ads with supermodels? Check. Food, lodging, and security? Not so much"). And over at Vanity Fair's The Hive, Nick Bilton, who sums up the festival as "Lord of the Flies dystopia meets social-media hysteria," has a delicious post headlined "Exclusive: The Leaked Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Is Beyond Parody." The presentation, he writes,

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Trump's Next 100 Days: Expect the Expected

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If You Were Apple, How Would You Spend Your Quarter-Trillion-Dollar Cash Hoard?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Monday, May 1:

Let's start with a flashback: President Trump told the Associated Press last week that he thinks he could build his border wall "for $10 billion or less." Earlier flashback: "Trump border wall to cost $21.6 billion," per Reuter's February peek at a Department of Homeland Security internal report. Very recent flashback (to yesterday): Congress ponied up $0 for Trump's border wall. Now see No. 3, below. (Side note: Trump's 71st birthday is coming up on June 14.) Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Here's a helpful assortment of spin on the Spending Deal That Is and the Shutdown That Won't Be: "Congress Inks Spending Deal That Jettisons Trump Priorities," per Bloomberg; "Bipartisan Agreement Reached to Fund Government Through September," per The New York Times; "Spending deal gives millions to NYPD for protecting Trump and family," per the New York Post; "Trump's wall won't get a penny as Congress agrees on $1trn spending plan," per Britain's The Independent -- and be sure to click through to see the photo of Trump the Indy chose to illustrate their story.

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Mr. Unpopularity: Is Trump Doing Better Than You Think?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, April 28:

Summer is seriously here -- e.g., the temperature's supposed to hit the high 70s today and low 80s tomorrow in America's media capital (I'm typing at you from lower Manhattan) -- so I won't blame you if you scroll right past the Trump-related items (Nos. 1, 2, 3) below as well as the digital-media-retrenchment items (Nos. 4, 6) and the media-about-media-about-media item (No. 5) to jump straight to the beach-related item (No. 7). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. In a guest post on The Hill this morning under the headline "Why the polls are wrong about Trump. Again," Mark Penn (managing partner of the Stagwell Group, former pollster for President Clinton and co-director of the Harvard-Harris Poll) reminds us of all the media organizations that predicted a Hillary Clinton presidency, writing,

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What Brand Should Hire 'Strongman Duo' Chop & Steele as Pitchmen?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thurday, April 27:

Some things I think you should know: The Trump team gets along really, really well! (See No 2, below.) Steve Bannon was a major Hollywood dealmaker! (No. 3.) Strongman duo Chop & Steele are very strong! (No. 7.) And the outfit you're wearing is totally on point! (No. 5.) Anyway, let's get started ...

1. ICYMI elsewhere on, Anthony Crupi has the story on this week's medialand carnage: "ESPN Cuts 100 Household Names as Rights Fees, Viewer Habits Eat Into Profits." Elsewhere, the New York Post turns to former ESPN host Colin Cowherd (now at Fox Sports, a Post corporate sibling) for a grim assessment: "Colin Cowherd: This 'awful' day is only the beginning for ESPN."

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Why Can't Facebook Fix Itself?

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Wednesday, April 26:

Does the world need more live streaming video? Twitter seems to think so. (See No. 2, below.) Do we need more Trump-related comedy? Based on what I saw last night (No. 3), I'm going to say yes. What does it mean that Facebook is coming to grips with its "dangerous side," per The New York Times Magazine? Unclear! (No. 6.) And where did Sean Spicer lose his virginity? Seth Meyers has the "answer." (No. 7.) Anyway, let's get started ...

1. A bit of a stretch pun-wise, Daily News, but OK, fine:

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Watch a Clip From (Wow) the Fox News-Inspired 'Law & Order: SVU'

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Tuesday, April 25:

1. So maybe the government won't shut down after all? "Republicans had been caught in one of their biggest dilemmas of the year: Whether to cross President Donald Trump and ignore his demand for border wall funding or join him and invite a government shutdown while the GOP controls all of Washington," Politico's Burgess Everett writes. "But then Trump gave GOP lawmakers an escape hatch, telling conservative journalists at a White House reception Monday evening that he would be comfortable delaying a fight over the wall until September." Side note: Speaking of Politico, "Patrick Steel, an investment banker for the past 16 years at the firm of FBR Capital Markets & Co., has been named Politico's next CEO," per Politico.

2. "Breitbart Has Been Denied Permanent Congressional Press Credentials," per BuzzFeed News. Meanwhile, over on the Breitbart home page this morning: "Far-Left Voters More Likely to Share Their Wives, Right Wingers More Sexually Dominant, Claims Study."

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The Brutal, Scary Lessons of Yahoo's Demise

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Friday, April 21:

So today I've got good news (see Nos. 1 and 3, below), possibly good news (Nos. 2 and 7) and bad news (Nos. 4 and 5) -- and, uh, news that I just don't know what to do with (No. 6). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Entertainment Weekly is soooo excited! "The X-Files returns! Fox orders 10-episode event series."

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Watch Stephen Colbert's 'Stephen Colbert' Say Farewell to Bill O'Reilly

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Thursday, April 20:

In today's media scan, a real late-night talk show host invites a former fake late-night talk show host (with an eerie resemblance) to eulogize the career of the real prime-time talk show host who inspired the real late-night talk show host to create the fake late-night talk show host in the first place. And, oh, a real news organization says it figured out which Russian political organization masterminded the creation of fake news to help tilt the U.S. presidential election toward Donald Trump -- but a fake Russian news organization says this latest real news about the fake news is ... fake news. Got all that? Anyway, let's get started ...

1. Hey, nice headline, Quartz! "Here are the 35 million reasons Bill O'Reilly was fired."

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Matt Damon (Of Course) Gets Dragged Off a United Flight in This Jimmy Kimmel Ad Spoof

Ad Age "Media Guy" columnist Simon Dumenco's media roundup for the morning of Wednesday, April 19:

In today's special edition of your media scan, that Georgia special election just got even more special (see No. 2, below), Julia Roberts wins a not-very-special (at least for her at this point) honor (No. 4), Matt Damon gets special treatment from United (No. 7) and GQ explains why Jake Tapper's frontalis and glabella are so very special (No. 5). Anyway, let's get started ...

1. "Fox News is preparing to cut ties with star anchor Bill O'Reilly, according to people close to the situation, after revelations that he and Fox parent 21st Century Fox settled multiple sexual harassment complaints led to an exodus of advertisers from his show and mounting pressure on the network," per The Wall Street Journal's Joe Flint in a post that went live at 9:50 p.m. ET last night.

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