Is content still king? Or is Less Moonves Bluffing while steering the Titanic?

A colleague at Newseum in Washington paosted on Facebook: Daily skirmishes between Legacy Media and New Media. Should there be an LM/NM Scoreboard at the end of each news cycle? Bigger discussion here really than I have time for – but I have blogged it extensively in the past – see my ear;lioer […]

Nuts & Bolts of Film Finance: Seminar with Real-World Financier on 2/21 in L.A

IIFF/LA Film Financing Workshop with Tricia van Klaveren *** Review all details at *** The Los Angeles chapter of the Institute for Int’l Film Financing (IIFF) continues its successful Film Financing Workshops with a powerful seminar about GETTING MOVIES FUNDED.  Don’t miss this intensive learning experience at the junction of filmmaking and finance! Act […]

The Stranger | Slog | Lies, Damn Lies, and the Religious Right’s Statistics

Dan Savage writes abuot politicizing of film financials in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Religious Right’s Statistics. I hadn’t heard of City of Ember or Fly Me to the Moon until I read about their amazing box office returns in “Houses of Worship.” It’s weird for films that pull […]

Pay TV providers fret over penny-pinching viewers

“This time there is a real, viable alternative” to cable. But pay TV providers are right to be alarmed. Not only has a flood of TV shows and movies become available online, but the video quality has gotten better. Netflix is expanding its service that lets subscribers stream movies and shows from the Internet at […]

Ireland sets up tax incentives for filmmakers

Maryland is not the only place setting up and refining taz incentives. So is Ireland. “Ireland’s film and television industry has received a welcome boost from the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, Martin Cullen. In a press release issued on 8 December 2008, the Minister outlined significant enhancements to the Section 481 relief for […]