Barry’s Blogging Plans

Ah so now I am back! What does that mean for the readers?

I have a whole stack of topics to blog on in my to-do list. But first I have to do a little clean up on the software side since I have been away for so long.

  • Update software – blogging software moves fast, and there is software from a bunch of different sources running this site. I need to bring stuff up to the latest version, and that is already partly done.
  • Add new RSS feeds – One of the most popular features of this site is s centralized source of RSS feeds where news and analysis of the industry can be found. I have a large group to add. At some point, the sheer number is going to lead to a redesign of the layout, but for now look for more in the same format I have now.
  • Same goes for “Interesting pages” links – maybe some of those have RSS feeds now, but I also have lots of new pages to present that may not have RSS feeds – these will be added soon too.

As I do all that, look for more regular updates, commenting on material I find, online and off, as well as original analysis by me.

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