Film Finance News Today 2009-01-12

Macon Telegraph – Macon,GA,USA
After an abortive attempt to make a film about the history of iron, Rossellini was hired by a French television network to direct a movie about the
GlobeNewsWire (press release) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
Empire’s key management team is comprised of top professionals in each aspect of the industry, from finance to distribution and marketing.
Printed Electronics World (press release) – Cambridge,UK
This product is based on an appealing lithium gel process involving a polyvinylidene film as binder and excellent batteries are produced experimentally with – Union City,CA,USA
Film critics and analysts have summarized both movies as the prestige point for the Khans. And the Khans too in turn left no stone unturned to prove it.
By Ted Hope
The recognition of the need to a specific financier credit is becoming part of the conversation – namely that the Executive Producer credit should not be used for line producers but preserved for those who help finance.
Imagenation Abu Dhabi issued a statement saying it has allocated “substantial funding” toward the financing of projects across all genres and aims at setting up an initial development slate of five to seven projects in 2009.
Spielberg has won six Golden Globes and three Oscars, along with lifetime achievement honours from the Directors Guild of America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute and the Kennedy Centre.
The film features a generally unknown cast in the story of an orphan boy in Mumbai who rises from terrible hardship to become a champ on India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” all the while trying to reunite with a lost
By Ben Sheffner
I’m a short filmmaker who’s been to and in lots of fests, and part of the deal is being responsible for what you use in and on the film. It’s too bad she chose to base her film on the music and either ignore or be ignorant about the

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