31 Jot Notes from VON

Here are some items from my notes from the talks at Wednesday afternoon’s sessions from VON. No more then a one liner each. I haven’t had a chance to look into any of these services, companies, or approaches yet, so don’t read anything into this other then that I found it worth jotting down. For the most part, you will have to look these up somewhere for more info as I haven’t done so yet. Don’t read anything into the order either…

  1. Techmeme
  2. Myspace News
  3. Yahoo Pipes
  4. Pageflakes
  5. google widgets
  6. nbbc.com
  7. motionbox
  8. Michael Arrington punditry. If there were a version of What Not To Wear for men, I think I would nominate him. Actually Michael, how about giving Michelle Sterling a call, feel free to tell her I sent you 🙂
  9. blip.tv
  10. meettv
  11. askaninja.com
  12. podtech
  13. blendtech.com – does it blend?
  14. party crasher videos
  15. diggnation
  16. RSS as a Video distribution platform
  17. Feedburner role in distribution of syndicated content and providing metrics
  18. Network2.tv – aggregation of multiple feeds: A problem we are wrestling with here as we try to get you the best set of information on Innovation in Business Models in Digital Entertainment.
  19. Rocketboom
  20. Kevin Marks: Microformats
  21. live video blogging via cell phone
  22. comvu
  23. twitter video
  24. webcaster.org
  25. DIMA.org
  26. Dean Takahashi, San Jose Mercury News
  27. Large Media Companies adapt: View Piracy as a Business Model
  28. Neulion.com: IPTV as a platform for microcasting exisiting content
  29. Motionbox.com: Make personal videosharing easier – non-produced content, select the good bits from personal video
  30. ispot.com / jumpcast.com
  31. Veoh.com
  32. [tags]Michelle Sterling, Global Image Group[/tags]

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