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In Prime Time, Two Versions of Impeachment for a Divided Nation
At a historic moment, viewers turn to MSNBC and Fox News, reflecting a sharp political divide.
Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints
“None of this had to happen”: The network’s new sexual harassment policy did not prevent them from leaving after accusations against the star’s husband, a producer.
What Ads Are Political? Twitter Struggles With a Definition
Twitter has said it will ban all political ads. But what is or isn’t a political message is often in the eye of the beholder.
Taylor Swift Escalates Battle With Scooter Braun and Big Machine
The singer said in a post on Tumblr that her old label was blocking her use of certain songs, and she asked her fans to get involved.
Will Streaming Kill the Art of Cinema or Grant It New Life?
A co-chief film critic of The New York Times debates himself on the subject.
Netflix to Amend Maps After Complaint From Poland
The company will add a note to some maps in the documentary series “The Devil Next Door” clarifying that death camps located in modern-day Poland were run by Nazi Germany.
After Its Merger, Gannett Will Be the Largest Newspaper Publisher in the U.S.
Shareholders approved a deal to combine GateHouse Media, which has received SoftBank funding, with the publisher of USA Today.
Eddie Murphy Will Star in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ for Netflix
The comedy sequel is part of a continuing deal between the streaming giant and Paramount, a studio without a streaming service of its own.
McClatchy Says So Long to Saturday (Print) Newspapers
The fifth-largest newspaper chain in the country will try to encourage more digital subscriptions with a weekend plan affecting dailies in 14 states.
MSNBC’s Surprise Guest: George Conway, Husband of Kellyanne
In one of TV news’s most coveted bookings, a prominent Trump critic appeared on MSNBC to comment on the House impeachment hearings.
How to Succeed in Coach Without Sacrificing Self-Care
Women’s networking conferences that take place on land are so five years ago. Now they happen in the sky, with spa treatments and reiki.
‘SpongeBob’ Spinoff Highlights Netflix-Nickelodeon Deal
Nickelodeon will create and produce original animated content based on its library of characters for the streaming service.
Rick Ludwin, NBC Executive Who Championed ‘Seinfeld,’ Dies at 71
He was also a veteran of the late-night wars and presided over the difficult changeover of “Tonight Show” hosts from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno.
How Do You Decide What Information to Believe?
In a time of heightened political polarization and an avalanche of messages and news sources, tell us how you get your information.
In Data Journalism, Tech Matters Less Than the People
Ben Casselman, an economics reporter, uses a programming language called R and works with vast data sets. But he says interviews still make for the best stories.
Texting While Walking Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Stop.
You know you do it. It’s not safe, obviously. Here’s how to take control of your tech use.
Carl’s Jr.’s Marketing Plan: Pitch Burgers, Not Sex
With sales slipping, a fast-food chain notorious for featuring scantily clad women has decided on a food-centric message.
Frank Giles, 100, Editor Snared in ‘Hitler Diaries’ Hoax, Is Dead
At The Sunday Times of London, he learned at the last minute that the diaries were fake, but the paper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, ordered them published.
Not Streaming: ‘Song of the South’ and Other Films Stay in the Past
The streaming boom will not include problematic films from decades ago, like Disney’s 1946 musical.
Financial Times Names First Woman as Top Editor in Its 131 Years
Roula Khalaf, a 24-year veteran of the salmon-hued daily, will take over from the veteran journalist Lionel Barber in January.
Richard Plepler, Former HBO Boss, Is Close to Apple Deal
The executive, known as an Emmy magnet before leaving HBO in February, is in talks to make shows for a new streaming service.
University of Illinois Is Stifling NPR Reporting on Sexual Misconduct, Critics Say
The university, which owns the license for NPR Illinois, says the station’s journalists are bound by Title IX rules and can’t promise confidentiality to sources reporting sexual misconduct.
Drama Book Shop Sets a Fresh Start in a New Locale
Lin-Manuel Miranda and several “Hamilton” colleagues aim for a European cafe vibe when the store reopens, a block south of its previous home, in the spring.
Disney Plus Streamers Are Met With Error Message on Launch Day
Nearly 500 films and 7,500 TV episodes started to stream on the platform Tuesday. But some users reported technical difficulties.
The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Student Protesters for Reporting
Editors at the campus newspaper spurred a backlash from professional journalists after they apologized for how they covered protests at a speech by Jeff Sessions.
The Zagat Guide Is Back in Print
After a three-year absence, the New York City survey will return on Tuesday with the same cover and pocket-size dimensions.
Netflix Was Only the Start: Disney Streaming Service Shakes an Industry
With the arrival of Disney Plus on Tuesday, a growing medium rises to dominance.
Telling Stories to Battle Climate Change, With a Little Humor Thrown In
The women who make the podcast “Mothers of Invention” stand apart in the field of climate communication.