Ireland sets up tax incentives for filmmakers

Maryland is not the only place setting up and refining taz incentives. So is Ireland.

“Ireland’s film and television industry has received a welcome boost from the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, Martin Cullen. In a press release issued on 8 December 2008, the Minister outlined significant enhancements to the Section 481 relief for investment in film and television projects. The enhancements will be brought about by the Finance Bill (No. 2) 2008 that is currently being considered by Ireland’s houses of parliament.

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Making sense of Maryland’s Film Finance Plans

Jay Hancock, Business Columnist for the Baltimore Sun, struggles to make sense of Maryland plans to be in the film investment biz:

Good thing for Maryland, too. Louisiana taxpayers had to pay the Benjamin Button producers $27 million, according to state officials. The sales tax from Cate Blanchett’s hotel bill and income tax paid by the key grip could not have come close to making up for that outlay.

“There’s no way you can say these things make money” for the state budget, says Greg Albrecht, chief economist for the Louisiana Legislature. Extra tax revenue generated by films, he adds, “is not going to come close to the direct payment you’re going to make. Basically, you’re just flowing money out of the public treasury into the private sector.”

I am a Baltimore native,Silicon Valley transplant, currently interested in film finance. In particular, I am interested in the different ways high risk, high reward ventures are funded between Hollywood and Silicon Valley when the products are becoming hard to distinguish from each other.
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Film Finance News Today: 2009-01-13

MovieMaker Magazine

Navigating the New Independent Film Marketplace
MovieMaker Magazine – New York,NY,USA
He has served as counsel to numerous award-winning writers, directors and producers, as well as industry-leading film production, film finance and film …

Future cloudy for California solar farm
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
It manufactures its own thin-film photovoltaic panels to supply solar farms that it develops and manages. Its biggest project to date is a 10-megawatt …
Films record the times they are made in: Shah
Times of India – India
… film festival on January 15 would be attended by state chief minister Ashok Chavan, Union civil aviation minister Praful Patel, state finance minister …
New York Times

Hollywood Night of Offbeat Choices
New York Times – United States
Many of the films that did well on Sunday night were made on budgets that would not finance the craft services budgets of the popcorn films that constitute …

Slumdog Millionaire: the first film of the Obama era – United Kingdom
Film 4 was able to develop and finance the film with Celador, the British company that created Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The film has had its setbacks. …

Bollywood’s on a roll despite slump
Economic Times – Gurgaon,Haryana,India
Two film funds that have been approved by market regulator Sebi — Cinema Venture Capital Fund (CCFV) and Vistaar Religare Film Fund (VRFF) — are on track …
Tungro’s Wall of Scribbles – Gym, part two
By Tungro
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Tungro’s Wall of Scribbles –
Vanessa Hudgens Auditions for New Moon? :
Home · About 60 Day Film Financing · Sitemap · Announcements · Events Calendar · Contact · Film Loans · Tax Monetization · Consulting · TV Biz · Box Office Biz · Featured Guests. Browse > Home / Box Office Biz / Vanessa Hudgens … –
Princeton University Press Blog » Blog Archive » Andrew Gelman at …
… Asian and Asian American studies · Astronomy and Cosmology · Awards · Business · Dawn of the Color Photograph · Earth Sciences · Economics · Election 2008 · Events · Film Studies · Finance · In the News · International Relations …

Princeton University Press Blog –
Raziur Rahman says he is the made SECP pro-active | Business …
He said he had submitted his resignation to the government several months ago and completed his three-year term, as the government wished. Finance Advisor, Shaukat Tareen has proposed making SECP Commissioner, Salman Sheikh as acting …

Daily Global News Headlines –
What do Indian film critics say about Slumdog Millionaire …
Most Indian critics are giving rather good reviews of the film. Many US critics are also giving average to good ratings, and there are a few US critics giving the film poor to fair ratings. Use the link below to read many reviews of the …

Mahalo Answers –

Hollywood: Show Me the Money! 2009-01-12

Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
We see pleasant photos of four top donors, including international mega-billionaire George Soros, Hollywood uber-mogul Stephen Spielberg, and Hollywood
North by Northwestern – Evanston,IL,USA
There’sa great deal of financial strife associated with making films Hollywood hasn’t fully embraced. Aronofsky even had to put a portion of his union
Cinema Blend – USA
9:50 “As a kid I had all the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures… thank you to Will Arnett for the joke.” Tina’s doing great up there, (press release) – Salem,OR,USA
It ebbs and flows, like market prices and the careers of Hollywood actors. The fact that risk levels are dynamic suggests a connection. – United Kingdom
Door to door makeup sales firm Avon is attempting to lure new recruits by promoting financial independence during the difficult economic period.
GMA – Quezon City,Metro Manila,Philippines
The animation BPO firm owns 95 percent of 15-year old Toon City Animations Inc. Philippines-based Toon City has been providing services to Hollywood

Film Finance News Today 2009-01-12

Macon Telegraph – Macon,GA,USA
After an abortive attempt to make a film about the history of iron, Rossellini was hired by a French television network to direct a movie about the
GlobeNewsWire (press release) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
Empire’s key management team is comprised of top professionals in each aspect of the industry, from finance to distribution and marketing.
Printed Electronics World (press release) – Cambridge,UK
This product is based on an appealing lithium gel process involving a polyvinylidene film as binder and excellent batteries are produced experimentally with – Union City,CA,USA
Film critics and analysts have summarized both movies as the prestige point for the Khans. And the Khans too in turn left no stone unturned to prove it.
By Ted Hope
The recognition of the need to a specific financier credit is becoming part of the conversation – namely that the Executive Producer credit should not be used for line producers but preserved for those who help finance.
Imagenation Abu Dhabi issued a statement saying it has allocated “substantial funding” toward the financing of projects across all genres and aims at setting up an initial development slate of five to seven projects in 2009.
Spielberg has won six Golden Globes and three Oscars, along with lifetime achievement honours from the Directors Guild of America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the American Film Institute and the Kennedy Centre.
The film features a generally unknown cast in the story of an orphan boy in Mumbai who rises from terrible hardship to become a champ on India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” all the while trying to reunite with a lost
By Ben Sheffner
I’m a short filmmaker who’s been to and in lots of fests, and part of the deal is being responsible for what you use in and on the film. It’s too bad she chose to base her film on the music and either ignore or be ignorant about the

Film Finance News Today 2009-01-11

Daily Mail – UK
Indeed, the German Federal Film Fund eventually ploughed £4.7 million into the £56 million budget for the film. And last year Cruise was awarded the
Chandigarh Tribune – India
While officials of the company were not available for comments, UT Finance Secretary Sanjay Kumar said “since the matter was now being looked into by the
the then Finance Secretary, to Malaysia and Singapore. However, in their report to the administration, the officers had strangely made no mention of their visit to any film studio and/or anyone associated with the movie trade during
After watching the trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s romantic ‘dramedy’ Spread, I can’t help but think this film could be much better than this first promo would have us believe. So maybe this first glimpse isn’t going to ‘wow’ you right off
Synopsis: In 1890s France a courtesan (Nicole Kidman) falls in love with a young writer (Ewan McGregor) but strings along a duke who can finance improvements to the night spot. Number of Oscar nominations: 8. The film was a big hit with
By Divine Rhythm Productions
2009 International Film & TV Finance Summit February 2 – 4, 2009 – Los Angeles – Sofitel Hotel How independent producers, financiers and studio executives secure the funds or tax incentives they need during tough economic
the then Director IT and S. K. Sandhu, the then Finance Secretary, to Malaysia and Singapore. However, in their report to the administration, the officers had strangely made no mention of their visit to any film studio and/or anyone