Film Finance News Today 2009-01-10

WalesOnline – United Kingdom
This was an unusually high figure due to the period being our first full year of operation, but it shows what can be done with increased finance levels
Greenwich Time – Greenwich,CT,USA
Eileen Daily, D-Westbrook, a finance committee chairman, said Friday. Daily added that is particularly true for the film tax credits because they are so new
Times of India – India
He got in touch with two persons in Borivli who promised to get him a role in a movie provided he could raise Rs 6 lakh to finance for the film, – Oklahoma City,OK,USA
As a result, the House of Mouse has opted not to co-finance the third Narnia film, “Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” leaving Walden Media searching for a
Strickland vetoed bills that would have: granted a transferable tax break to film companies doing business in Ohio; paid Ohio veterans in recent wars a cash bonus from the state’s rainy-day fund; and made changes to elections laws
Then when we tried to put this movie together, because I cast Mickey Rourke, it took two years to finance it. No one believed that Mickey could be sympathetic. It’s always a tough road for some reason. I end up choosing things that are
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Here’s Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz with the mother of Christopher Wallace (aka: “Biggie Smalls” and “Notorious B.I.G.”) and cast members of the movie about his life, “Notorious,” at a special screening of the film at BAM.

Film Finance News Today – 2009/01/08

Bloomberg – USA
“Busson’s got a Rolodex that covers not just hedge funds and finance but also his contacts from his high profile in the media and philanthropy worlds,” says
Trading Markets (press release) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
Empire Film Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EFGU – December 8th, 2008– Empire Film Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets:EFGU)
Washington Business Journal – Washington,DC,USA
13 from 10 am to 8 pm to fill jobs in a variety of areas, including advertising sales, affiliate relations, finance and administration, human resources,
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
Independent producers, studio executives, commercial investment bankers, film finance professionals and legal and tax accounting advisors together will
By sara2002
her other film Karma, Konfessions and Holi is ready for release but hasn’t found any takers in these times of recession and her dream project on Jhansi ki Rani will remain a dream as she is finding it difficult to finance the film.
By Dan
Frost struggles to finance the endeavor, insulted by those who blow him off as a “talk show host” while still allowing time for a new love interest – Rebecca Hall (VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA) who doesn’t have much to do except sit on the
ReelzChannel was lured by New Mexico’s aggressive incentive programs aimed at the film and TV industry from Gov. Bill Richardson. Richardson and Hubbard announced the move at a joint news conference Wednesday in Albuquerque.
Studio confirms additional measures to prevent illegal copies of upcoming film.
By The Sujewa
What a lame film. Who’d ever watch that?” But slowly it dawn… 7 hours ago. Lifehacker · Nine Methods for Mastering Your Money in 2009 [Personal Finance] – Personal finance weblog Get Rich Slowly highlights nine methods for mastering

Too Shocking to Recall – Until Now …

Little know fact – I studied, nearly minoring in social psychology in college, and my favorite professor was Dr. Maury Silver. Silver was a doctoral student under Stanley Milgram, one of only a very few people thanked by name in Milgram’s book about his disturbing experiments.

I have long thought that this experiment, and others like it, offer fertile ground for the video game creator. Now comes news the experiment, long regarded as too frightening to duplicate, has been duplicated:

Seventy percent of volunteers continued to administer electrical shocks — or at least they believed they were doing so — even after an actor claimed they were painful, Jerry Burger of Santa Clara University in found.

“What we found is validation of the same argument — if you put people into certain situations, they will act in surprising, and maybe often even disturbing, ways,” Burger said in a telephone interview. “This research is still relevant.”

Burger was replicating an experiment published in 1961 by Yale University professor Stanley Milgram, in which volunteers were asked to deliver electric “shocks” to other people if they answered certain questions incorrectly.

Milgram found that, after hearing an actor cry out in pain at 150 volts, 82.5 percent of participants continued administering shocks, most to the maximum 450 volts.

The experiment surprised psychologists and no one has tried to replicate it because of the distress suffered by many of the volunteers who believed they were shocking another person.

It turns out I am expecting a houseful of clinical psychologists for a Winter Celebration party later this afternoon. This will be interesting conversation fodder indeed.

Historic Senator Theatre on last legs again….

If you’re thinking of buying a gift certificate to the historic Senator Theatre as a last-minute Christmas gift, think again.

“Regrettably we are not in a position at this juncture to offer the movie-going public our assurances in that regard.”

“I just want what’s best for The Senator. It’s all on the table.”

Lind, John Lind, president and chief executive officer of VenueTech, a San Francisco-based consulting and management firm that specializes in restoration and reuse of historic theaters, said he only met Kiefaber recently and isn’t sure to what extent Kiefaber wants to physically renovate or expand the 69-year-old, art deco-style theater.

Barry Caplan is an Associate Producer

Many of you may know I have been working as an “Associate Producer” on a short film, “Tender as Hellfire” that is being made by USC Film School grad student Jason Stone in Porterville, CA.

Well, now all of you do 🙂

Principal photography was back in April and lasted about a week. This past weekend week, the crew returned for some extra shots, closeups, a new scene to tie the story together, and some landscape and general “scene setting” shots. “Pickups” in industry parlance.

More after the jump….
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