Quick GDC Followup and Thanks to All

Thanks to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules at GDC to meet with me. Both the planned and ad-hoc meetings were wonderfully productive. In fact, 3 days was not nearly enough time to meet with everyone.

For those of you for whom I was scheduled to meet but was not able to, please accept my apologies for crossed signals. It does not mean I did not want to meet with you and hear about you.

As I told everyone, our talks at GDC are just the opening of a dialog, not the end of it. Please be patient as I work my way through follow-ups, and do not hesitate to contact me first.

For those of you who I have been in touch with, either by email or in person, please consider connecting with me on LinkedIn.com – use any of the contact addresses you have for me, and please write a line or two in the invite reminding me of our prior contacts. There is a link to my LinkedIn page in the “About DigimediaFinance” section on the right.

Others with interest in this space are of course always welcome to contact me or comment on this blog any time as well.

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