Sat, 2/14: “Pitching Your Movie to Investors” in SF.

Learn from ANGEL INVESTOR how to raise money!

The Institute for Int’l Film Financing (IIFF) continues its acclaimed Film Financing Workshops with a hands-on seminar about SUCCESSFULLY PITCHING TO INVESTORS. Join us on Saturday in San Francisco for this special occasion!

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Our expert instructor, Dr. Patrick O’Heffernan, is a real-world ANGEL INVESTOR and a seasoned fundraising expert who has raised MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in capital. A former Professor at a top university, he has written several books and won prestigious awards for his work as a producer, including an Emmy. Dr. O’Heffernan is an active member of two leading angel investor groups, FilmAngels and the Keiretsu Forum. He will spend a full, intensive day training film entrepreneurs how to RAISE MONEY FROM INVESTORS such as himself.

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Our friends at Academy of Art in San Francisco are making their facilities near 4th and King St. available for our event:

IIFF/SF Film Financing Workshop with Dr. Patrick O’Heffernan
Saturday, February 14, 2009
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Academy of Art University
466 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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The Workshop’s HIGHLY TOPICAL PROGRAM is based on IIFF’s proven formula for film financing success combined with Dr. O’Heffernan’s deep pragmatic insights and decades of experience:

* The 7 Reasons People Invest
* The 5 Kinds of Film Investors
* Finding Non-Investor Money & Leveraging It
* Making an Impression: Impression Killers & Builders
* Building Rapport: Pitching Your Movie Before You Pitch It
* Why Your Team Is Critical to Success With Investors

* How to Organize Your Pitch: Strategy, Timing & Content
* Budgets & Projections: Show You Can Be Trusted With Money
* Distribution Plans: Key to Selling Your Movie
* Talent Attachments: It’s All About Confidence in You
* Why “Comps” Are Needed & How to Assemble Them
* The Powerpoint: 5 Keys to Powerful Slides for Film Pitching

* The Critical First Minute
* Timing as a Way to Gain Respect & Build Trust
* The “Head” vs. “Heart” Approach to Pitching Investors
* Staying in Control: When (Not) to Allow Questions
* Problems = Opportunities: How to React When Things Go Wrong
* Following Up & Closing the Deal

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be trained by a WORLD-CLASS EXPERT who has successfully used the skills he teaches during years as an investor, fundraiser and producer. Over the course of his distinguished career, Dr. O’Heffernan has PERSONALLY RAISED more than $40 million.

Thomas Trenker
Founding Chairman, IIFF

P.S.: Other upcoming events include our “Nuts & Bolts of Film Finance” Workshop on 2/21 in LA – – and the new “Grants & Donations for Film” Workshop with fundraising guru Morrie Warshawski on 2/28 in SF – – as well as a Film Financing Townhall on 2/26 in SF –

P.P.S.: Care to bring your film venture to the attention of FilmAngels? Leave a project summary with IIFF’s registration desk on 2/14! This month’s FilmAngels investor meeting is scheduled for Wed, 2/25.

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