Site news update

I have tweaked the layout of this blog a bit today. The main thing is the new 2nd sidebar on the main page, and new information in each sidebar designed to make this blog more informative for you.

In the far right sidebar, now you will see a “tag cloud” that gives you a sese of the way I have tagged each article. Previously there was a category list – all categories have been turned into tags. The tag cloud gives you a sense of the reltive number of articles so tagged by both color and size of the text. Click on any of the tags in the cloud to see the articles with those tags.

Also, there are links to new bio info about me, and email and LinkedIn contact info. Please feel free to introduce yourself.

In the middle right sidebar, there will be a list of articles, interesting blogs and RSS feeds. I have dropped a couple in for now just to get started. Contact me via skype (IM is best) or email with suggestions for this sidebar.

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