Is content still king? Or is Less Moonves Bluffing while steering the Titanic?

A colleague at Newseum in Washington paosted on Facebook: Daily skirmishes between Legacy Media and New Media. Should there be an LM/NM Scoreboard at the end of each news cycle? Bigger discussion here really than I have time for – but I have blogged it extensively in the past – see my ear;lioer […]

Ireland sets up tax incentives for filmmakers

Maryland is not the only place setting up and refining taz incentives. So is Ireland. “Ireland’s film and television industry has received a welcome boost from the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, Martin Cullen. In a press release issued on 8 December 2008, the Minister outlined significant enhancements to the Section 481 relief for […]

Making sense of Maryland’s Film Finance Plans

Jay Hancock, Business Columnist for the Baltimore Sun, struggles to make sense of Maryland plans to be in the film investment biz: Good thing for Maryland, too. Louisiana taxpayers had to pay the Benjamin Button producers $27 million, according to state officials. The sales tax from Cate Blanchett’s hotel bill and income tax paid by […]

Hollywood: Show Me the Money! 2009-01-12

Equanimity, Power, Gaza, and the Times Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA We see pleasant photos of four top donors, including international mega-billionaire George Soros, Hollywood uber-mogul Stephen Spielberg, and Hollywood … The genius of Darren Aronofsky’s wildly imaginative directing style North by Northwestern – Evanston,IL,USA There’sa great deal of financial strife associated with making films […]

Too Shocking to Recall – Until Now …

Little know fact – I studied, nearly minoring in social psychology in college, and my favorite professor was Dr. Maury Silver. Silver was a doctoral student under Stanley Milgram, one of only a very few people thanked by name in Milgram’s book about his disturbing experiments. I have long thought that this experiment, and others […]