XFire Debate Club Transcripts: Censorship In Video Games

Below is the transcript of the XFire Debate Club held online on April 26.

There were several simultaneous discussions:

  1. The Main Floor: Transcipt
  2. The Open Debate Room: Transcript
  3. The Question Room: After about 45 minutes of the one hour main debate, this room was available for people to ask questions of the panel. Moderators selected questions. Transcript
  4. The Unofficial Chatter Room: Anything goes during the debate. Transcript

The original event announcemen be found here

The Main Debate Particpants were:

Matteo Bittanti, Stanford University Researcher;
Hal Halpin, CEO of the Entertainment Consumers Association;
Henry Lowood, Stanford University, History of Science & Technology – moderator;
Dennis McCauley, CEO of GamePolitics.org;
Russ Pitts, Editor of The Escapist;
Leland Yee, California State Senator; and
Xfire Community

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